Sunday, 12 June 2011

I'm trying something new . . . Sunday Weekly Potrait #1

1) I was online recently, just scrolling through my blog subscriptions (General Friday night activities - I'm blogging while my mum is at the cinema *typical*) when I came across Llymrs's blog and her Sunday Weekly Potrait and it just inspired me like  . . . POOOOW!!! I really loved the idea because it gives an insight into a blogger's life and I thought my readers would appreciate it so here it is, my first sunday weekly potrait

2) I've been back in London for almost a week now, and I honestly forgot just how hectic this place is! I've been to blogging events, birthday parties, been stared at on the tube etc lool and I just LOVE it, here's hoping I don't burn out soon

3) I took a proactive decision and decided to contact a few pr agencies and ask them to put me on their mailing lists loool It took me ages to do it because I am so scared of getting rejected loool but I got a few replys so YAAAY ME!!

4) In case you don't know there's a weekly blogging chat that happens every Sunday Night on twitter (#bbloggers) and I love just getting involved with all the other UK beauty bloggers and getting all these tips and advice. Last week, the topic was on photography tips. (Overview at MakeupSaavy) and I decided to take onboard some of these tips and created my own little photo studio with two desk lamp and an a0 printed sheet loool. It might seem a bit weird but the results are great.